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Top 10 NetApp solutions provider worldwide

Integrated Solutions Angola: Top-Notch and Holistic IT Solutions   In the early half of the millennium, when the conception of Integrated Solutions Angola was in the pipeline, the founders of the company researched extensively for unique, value-added technologies that could address client-specific IT needs across domains. Their search brought them to NetApp and the rest, …


Prisma Reports Interview

Interview with Eng. Msuega Tese, Executive Director, Integrated Solutions Angola   Prisma Reports (PR): Africa is becoming an increasingly attractive destination for foreign investment, both for advanced and emerging economies and, as Barack Obama stated, Africa is the continent with the greatest potential. What has influenced these changes and what is making Africa more attractive …


The Oil & Gas Year (TOGY) Interview

Once again, TOGY (The Oil & Gas Year) interviewed the Executive Director of Integrated Solutions Angola (ISA), Mr. Msuega Tese. In his usual down-to-earth manner, he enthusiastically expressed his views on many subjects including how Angola can become an economic hub. We believe all readers will benefit from this interview that also provides hints of …