Integrated Solutions Angola: Top-Notch and Holistic IT Solutions

Integrated Solutions Angola: Top-Notch and Holistic IT Solutions

Integrated Solutions Angola: Top-Notch and Holistic IT Solutions


Msuega Tese, Executive Director

In the early half of the millennium, when the conception of Integrated Solutions Angola was in the pipeline, the founders of the company researched extensively for unique, value-added technologies that could address client-specific IT needs across domains. Their search brought them to NetApp and the rest, as they say, was history. “Although NetApp wasn’t in the No. 1 position at that time, we knew it was the best possible solution for our clients in Data Storage. Our acumen proved right and today, NetApp is renowned for its high-performance systems,” remarks Msuega Tese, executive director, Integrated Solutions Angola (ISA).


Backed by a strong technology partnership and over a decade of industry expertise, currently, ISA is creating a significant stir in the marketplace as an IT-services provider that offers state-of-the-art solutions, which enhance data and virtual computing infrastructures as well as network and security. From designing, installation, configuration, and testing of IT solutions, ISA covers it all. Their solutions are backed with top-of-the-line services from data center maintenance, onsite technical support, and outsourcing to system integration, and training and capacity building, ensuring maximum client benefit.


“Our main goal is to deliver top-notch technology services even in remote locations” affirms Tese. As part of their support solutions, the company provides complete IT outsourcing and offshore services, and irrespective of the location, supreme quality takes precedence. “We ensure our engineers receive apt training, both technically and in soft skills to serve as an extension of our client’s IT team and deliver all-round solutions for different business scenarios,” adds Tese.


All along the company leverages NetApp to further augment their solutions strategy. “Whether the need of the hour is entry-level or high-end value, NetApp is quite simplified,” says Tese. For ISA’s commendable work, the company was also granted the status of a Platinum Partner in 2009. “We greatly value our collaboration with NetApp and with time our expertise is growing stronger.”

” Our main goal is to deliver top-notch technology services even in remote locations”

So far the company has closed every project with great success rate across different domains, such as oil and gas, banking, and telecommunications and continues to penetrate newer markets. To substantiate their offering, Tese highlights the example of a leading commercial bank that was facing major performance issues with their storage system in just two years of having acquired it. Other solution providers in the market, proposed an upgrade which the client had serious concerns with. Feeling at sea, the client approached ISA, drawn by their dramatically different approach. “We took time to understand the problem at hand and ultimately designed a customized solution that would address even the unknown growth factor! We stressed on meeting not only their technical requirements but the total needs of the business,” mentions Tese. Nothing better explains ISA’s value proposition other than the fact that the same commercial bank has been a loyal customer for the past ten years.


“In times where most vendors are driven by a need to improve their financial numbers every quarter, we are more focused on creating long-term commitments with our clients.” Apart from their client-centric nature, another core reason why ISA is steadily gaining momentum is owing to their low-cost yet high-quality solutions delivered in a timely manner. “On top of that, we have a ‘solution mindset.’ We don’t resort to excuses, we look at the problem at hand from varied angles for a holistic solution,” says Tese. Behind their best-in-class technology and compelling service is a team of extremely dedicated professionals that leaves no stone unturned when it comes to meeting client needs.“That said, going ahead we plan on utilizing our market knowledge and technology advantages to the full extent and expand further into the African market,” ends Tese.

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